Tropic Bamboo

Tropic Bamboo

Taste of the Tropics



Tropic Bamboo is a pop up fast casual restaurant that bridges the gap between holidays by serving tropical dishes. Creating and serving native tropical dishes from West Africa, Caribbean islands, South America and South East Asia. Tropic Bamboo was created responding to the London community that are bored of fast food chains and searching for colourful, vibrant and delicious alternatives. 


Every plate achieves that elusive, cuisine-defining balance of sweet, salty, and sour — even dessert.




Tropic Bamboo originally started operating on Sunday market stalls from 10am-5pm. Brick Lane was our first pop up then improving by popping up in real restaurants including hotels.  

Join us this year, when we travel across London serving delicious meals and representing the flavours of theses beautiful tropical cultures!

All our food are made in house with fresh from the market ingredients. All are cooked with high standards. This maintains the amazing and unique tastes from around the world. 

We host all types of events to showcase the amazing food from around the world. Please sign up to our news letter to keep update!.


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